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The small Kiss ring has 22 precious stones. Akhenaten, the powerful king and Nefertiti, the most beautiful women in ancient time, featured in this ring,  reigned at what was arguably the wealthiest period of Ancient Egyptian history and were the power couple of the time.

Kiss ring (Small)

  • 24 karat gold 4 micron thickness plated silver with 11 precious stones.

    3 stones options:

    • Shades of pink: mix of tourmaline / Sapphire / Ruby.
    • Shades of blue and green : mix of Tourmaline / Sapphire / blue Topaz / Aquamarine.
    • Multi colored: mix of Tourmaline / Sapphire / blue Topaz / Aquamarine / Ruby / Citrine.

    Weight: 23g

    High: 4cm

    Width: 4cm

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